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Correct fitness training and proper nutrition are the keys to long lasting weight loss.
Fitta Bodies specialises in weight loss having helped hundreds of people shed hundreds of kilos over the past 13 years. You could be next!

Stop wasting hours in the gym.
We will show you how to acheive better results with less time working out.

Forget fad diets.
We will teach you how to eat for better health and weight loss.

No more gimmick exercise equipment.
We will teach you how to make your body your machine!

Ignore false promises about outrageous results.
Real long lasting weight loss isn't acheived overnight. Weight that comes off fast usually comes back faster!


Our bootcamp in Centennial Park is a cost effective way to train outdoors with a personal trainer for every workout.

Our one-on-one personal training is a more personalised service where we can focus on nutrition as well as fitness.

Regular updates to our blog will keep you informed with up to the minute advice on weight loss, nutrition and fitness.

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